WasteMaster Further Enhances Whittlebury Park’s Environmental Credentials

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Whittlebury Park, located in Whittlebury Northamptonshire, a magnificent hotel, golf, spa, conference and wedding venue and one of the largest spas in the UK, has adopted the WasteMaster on-site food waste conversion system to minimise costs and the impact of its food waste on the Environment. 

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Set in 600 acres of beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, Whittlebury Park has four separate buildings with 254 guest rooms, 36 holes for golf, 50 meeting and conference rooms, bars, restaurants and three distinctive special event venues catered for by seven kitchens. The estate enjoys high demand throughout the year, catering for events including conferences, weddings, and golf and spa days.

Whittlebury Park is highly committed to environmental impact minimisation, adopting and testing a range of approaches including strict separation and recycling, sending waste for the generation of reusable products, and trialling bio mass boilers on site. All staff do their utmost to ensure the best customer service and experience and maintenance of robust environmental and sustainability credentials.

In the past, food waste from the separate buildings was stored at the different site locations awaiting collection for sending to landfill, before it was decided to combine this waste at a single location. Hotel Manager, David Munson, explained: “We wanted to maximise our site cleanliness, while also being more energy efficient and environmentally responsible and originally trialled a drying system, mixing the powder residue with wood pellets to power the heating for our spa on site. But, as well as the right solution for the Environment and the most responsible approach for our business, there had to be a cost benefit.”

The Estate Head Chef, Craig Rose, was instrumental in the decision to try WasteMaster as a more environmental alternative to the drying system. The first trial machine, requiring only a power supply and air outlet, was installed in 2017 in a convenient area at the rear of the main building. Now part of the daily waste processing cycle, the latest WasteMaster design was installed at Whittlebury Park in August 2018 and now processes between three and six tonnes per month, depending on seasonal activity, as accurately measured by the machine monitoring system.

Reporting on the performance of the system, David says: “WasteMaster has changed the way that we approach food waste for the benefit of the Environment, as well as our business.” Craig comments: “I have been impressed with the WasteMaster technology and the system has really improved the efficiency of our food waste management with the significant added environmental benefit of minimising the impact of our waste. The WasteMaster support team has also been very responsive, monitoring our food waste processing and managing this effectively. Our porters are also delighted at the ease with which they can load the system.”

Green Eco Technologies develops, supplies and manages innovative, safe, efficient and environmentally beneficial, on-site solutions for the conversion and re-purposing of putrescible organic waste into re-usable resources.

For further information about the WasteMaster range and a free on-site assessment of your specific food waste issues, please contact: enquiries@greenecotec.com

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