WasteMaster food waste conversion system presented at RWM 2018

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Green Eco Technologies presented the benefits of the innovative WasteMaster food waste conversion system in relation to the Circular Economy, at the recent RWM 2018 exhibition.

As well as attracting significant interest from visitors to the Birmingham-based show, the WasteMaster system was also selected as part of RWM’s ‘Innovation Trail’ showcasing the best technology and innovation exhibits.

The WasteMaster on-site conversion system re-purposes food and organic waste into reusable products, without adding anything during the process. Food waste is simply loaded into the system and converted into a compost-like residual material which will not attract insects or vermin in its dry state. The process takes less than 24 hours and the volume of the waste is also reduced by up to 80 per cent at the end of the process.

By re-purposing food waste, WasteMaster contributes significantly to cleaner and safer waste collection and storage, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfill.

Managing Director of Green Eco Technologies, Jason Hoen, spoke at the two-day show in the Circular Economy and Recycling Theatres. Highlighting the problems of essential resource over-consumption as indicated by Earth Overshoot Day and describing currently available systems to manage food waste, Jason presented the global challenge of food waste and the facts relating to the Earth’s diminishing natural resources.

Commenting on the RWM show and seminars, Jason said: “We have been run off our feet. It has been fantastic to see how many people want to find a solution to deal with their food waste and exciting to see people coming along to the presentations wanting to look at better ways and understand what options are available for reusing this waste.

“As our population grows and as we become more urbanised, one of our big issues as a human race is the amount of resources that we consume on a daily and yearly basis. The Earth has a certain amount of resource that it can replenish each year and unfortunately, we are using 1.7 times that amount currently, so we are going into deficit every year. This year Earth Overshoot Day, the day when we have used our year’s allocation of resources, was 1 August so we have a significant natural resource problem.

“One of the ways WasteMaster helps is by re-utilising food waste and turning that into a valuable resource, providing a financially viable, and more importantly environmentally viable solution for businesses and workplaces.

“I would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and all those who came to our presentations about recycling food waste.”

The WasteMaster range includes options for users with medium to high-volume food waste disposal requirements and the system can be easily installed on site as there is no requirement for piped water or sewerage services, just an electrical connection and an air outlet.

WasteMaster is supplied as a managed service which is tailored to specific client needs and includes, installation, servicing, and 24-hour support.

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About Green Eco Technologies (GET):

About Green Eco Technologies (GET):
GET develops, supplies and manages innovative, safe, efficient, and environmentally beneficial, on-site solutions for the conversion and re-purposing of putrescible organic waste into reusable resources. With offices and manufacturing sited in the UK and Australia, as well as representation in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Spain, GET supports customers to reduce the impact of food waste disposal both on their businesses and the Environment.

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