WasteMaster – Your food waste conversion solution


Whether your food waste is from food manufacture or processing, food preparation for meals, cooked food from the kitchen or servery or table waste left overs, the WasteMaster system cleanly and efficiently converts and reduces the volume of this waste, on site, to a much smaller quantity of odour-free material.

Perfect for businesses and institutions such as hospitals, food manufacturers, restaurants and others providing catering and hospitality, WasteMaster is easily installed on site and doesn’t release any harmful emissions or odours during the process. All that is required is a three-phase power supply and an air outlet

How does WasteMaster work?

  • Food waste is converted within the WasteMaster system using a proprietary technology which accelerates the decomposition of the waste material without the use of bacteria, additives or water.
  • At the end of the process the volume of the waste material has been reduced by up to 80%. For every 500kg loaded into the system, WasteMaster outputs just 100kg of compost-like residual material, which will not attract insects or vermin in its dry state.

WasteMaster versus Landfill

For every two tonnes of food waste converted on site by WasteMaster and diverted from landfill, approximately 3.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented.

In the UK alone, over 10 million tonnes of putrescible waste is generated annually, contributing to around 60% of the country’s non-hazardous landfills. Even a fraction of that waste being processed by WasteMaster will achieve a significant improvement to our environment.

Not all waste solutions are the same

You may have considered a food waste management solution before. WasteMaster is different.

WasteMaster’s clean operation and managed service makes it the cleaner, simpler alternative for on-site food waste conversion. WasteMaster is very easy to operate and will indicate when it is full and unload automatically when the process is complete. Employees need only minimal training to load WasteMaster as Green Eco Technologies fully manages your food waste conversion on your behalf. We can also provide you with accurate waste volume data to help with your reporting.

WasteMaster’s unique approach to food waste conversion eliminates food waste odour, prevents additional environmental impact and eliminates the need for time-sensitive on-site food waste storage and collections.

WasteMaster Models & Capabilities

WasteMaster 400

Processes up to
400kgs Per Day

WasteMaster 1000

Processes up to
1000kgs Per Day