Jason Hoen presents WasteMaster solution to organic waste, at Rushlight show

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Managing Director of Green Eco Technologies, Jason Hoen, presented the benefits of the WasteMaster food and organic waste conversion system in minimising both costs and environmental impacts associated with waste disposal, at the Rushlight 2019 show in London.

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At the prestigious event, which attracted senior industry influencers and advisors on energy and sustainability, government bodies, and heads of public and private organisations and services, as well as a wide range of companies showcasing energy and sustainability innovations, Jason outlined the global and local issues presented by food and organic waste and the potential for reducing these impacts through the WasteMaster system.

The WasteMaster on-site conversion system recycles and re-purposes food and organic waste into a reusable product, diverting it from landfill, without adding water or anything else during the process. Food or other organic waste is simply loaded into the system and converted into a compost-like residual material which will not attract insects or vermin in its dry state. The transformation takes less than 24 hours and the volume of the waste is reduced by up to 80 per cent at the end of the process.

By converting food waste into a much smaller quantity of reusable residual material, which can be used for producing green energy and other purposes depending on the feed stock, WasteMaster fits perfectly with the principles of the Circular Economy. Diverting the waste from landfill reduces contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and the on-site system also greatly improves health and safety on site, both removing hazards caused by rotting waste and reducing vehicle movements for safer working.

Commenting on the Rushlight show, Jason said: “I was honoured to present to such an informed and invested audience at this thought-provoking event, focusing as it did on sustainability and the efficient use of resources, and promoting the development and deployment of clean technologies, innovation and sustainable solutions. 1/2

“I was greatly inspired by all of the innovations on show and was delighted by the level of interest in our innovation and sustainability in general. The conservation of finite natural resources is a major global challenge and we support all initiatives that aim to reduce the amount of food and water that we waste. The WasteMaster innovation can play a positive role in ensuring that unavoidable food waste is not wasted by turning it into a valuable resource, providing a financially viable and more importantly environmentally viable solution for businesses and workplaces.

“I would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and all those who listened to Green Eco Technologies’ presentation about recycling food waste.”

The WasteMaster range includes options for users with medium to high-volume food waste disposal requirements and the system can be easily installed on site as there is no requirement for piped water or sewerage services, just an electrical connection and an air outlet.

WasteMaster is supplied as a managed service which is tailored to specific client needs and includes, installation, servicing, and 24-hour support.

For further information about the WasteMaster range and a free on-site assessment of your specific food waste issues, please contact: enquiries@greenecotec.com

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