Green Eco Technologies to launch WasteMaster range at RWM 2017

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Green Eco Technologies (GET), will launch its WasteMaster range of environmentally beneficial on-site food waste conversion systems at RWM 2017 on Stand 4J09.

Using proprietary technology, GET’s WasteMaster processing system reduces the weight and volume of food waste by up to 80 per cent, producing an odourless compost-like residual material which can be re-purposed for fuel, animal feed or fertiliser, depending on the composition of the waste loaded into the system.

The WasteMaster range includes options for users with medium to high-volume food waste disposal requirements such as hotels, hospitals, hospitality and catering suppliers, providing an on-site solution to the high costs and health and safety issues associated with food waste disposal. This highly innovative and unique system can be easily installed on site as there is no requirement for piped water or sewerage services – just an electrical connection and an air outlet. No harmful emissions or odours are released, and no additives are used, during the process.

WasteMaster is supplied as a managed service which is tailored to specific client needs and includes, installation, servicing, and 24-hour support.

Jason Hoen, Managing Director of Green Eco Technologies, says: ‘Food waste is a major global environmental problem that will only be solved by new-initiative developments such as our WasteMaster system. The ability to efficiently process on site resolves many of the issues associated with the need to dispose of quantities of food waste.

‘By reducing the volume of waste significantly to a much smaller amount of odourless material, which can be re-purposed for other positive uses, WasteMaster contributes significantly to cleaner and safer waste collection and storage, while also reducing the contributions to greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfill.

‘It is estimated that approximately 3.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are prevented for every two tonnes of organic waste diverted from landfill through alternative treatment and processing.’

About Green Eco Technologies (GET):
GET develops, supplies and manages innovative, safe, efficient, and environmentally beneficial, on-site solutions for the conversion and re-purposing of putrescible organic waste into reusable resources. With offices and manufacturing sited in the UK and Australia, as well as representation in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Spain, GET supports customers to reduce the impact of food waste disposal both on their businesses and the Environment.

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