Green Eco Technologies partners with Natural Upcycling to tackle New York’s food waste burden

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Green Eco Technologies, developers of the WasteMaster food waste conversion system for re-purposing and significantly reducing the volume of food waste, have announced a New York, US distributor relationship with Natural Upcycling (NU), upstate New York’s leading food waste collection company.

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Natural Upcycling, based in Linwood, New York, with operations throughout New York state, has extensive experience in food waste collection for conversion into electricity through Anaerobic Digestion.

Developed for a wide range of organisations generating high volumes of food waste, such as hospitals, food manufacturers and processors, hotels, universities, long-term care institutions and hospitality providers, the WasteMaster conversion system re-purposes food and organic waste as reusable resources, on site, without adding anything during the process. At the end of the conversion cycle, food waste is reduced in volume by up to 80 per cent and has been transformed into a compost-like, odour-free residual material which will not attract insects or vermin in its dry state. By re-purposing food waste, WasteMaster contributes significantly to cleaner and safer waste collection and storage, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfill.

Natural Upcycling currently recycles and or upcycles food waste through composting and anaerobic digestion, and in 2018 diverted over 55,000 tons of food waste from landfill. In addition to supplying the WasteMaster system, NU will provide full installation services and ongoing after-sales service and technical support and will collect the residual material remaining at the end of the process.

The WasteMaster range includes options for users with medium to high-volume food waste disposal requirements and the system can be easily installed on site as there is no requirement for piped water or sewerage services, just an electrical connection and an air outlet.

Commenting on the distributor agreement with Natural Upcycling, Managing Director of Green Eco Technologies, Jason Hoen, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Natural Upcycling for the supply and support of WasteMaster in New York. Natural Upcycling is a respected and experienced leader in the management of food waste for the benefit of the Environment and has achieved outstanding results in minimising the future negative effects of greenhouse gases by diverting food waste from landfill.”

“I am excited that NU has added the WasteMaster to their range of solutions and look forward to the undoubted success their experience will bring in introducing the WasteMaster system to the New York, US market.”

Founder of Natural Upcycling, Harry Cohen, comments:

“Our ethos at Natural Upcycling is to do our utmost to be good stewards of our planet for the future by providing a positive legacy.”

“We have a proud history of collecting waste and converting it to support a sustainable environment and the WasteMaster perfectly fits with our range of options to provide the best possible ‘zero waste’ solution for our customers. Chris Noble and I are really looking forward to the environmental benefits that our new partnership with Green Eco Technologies will bring for the future.”

About Green Eco Technologies (GET):
GET develops, supplies and manages innovative, safe, efficient, and environmentally beneficial, on-site solutions for the conversion and re-purposing of putrescible organic waste into reusable resources. With offices and manufacturing sited in the UK and Australia, as well as offices Japan, GET supports customers to reduce the impact of food waste disposal both on their businesses and the Environment.

About Natural Upcycling:
Natural Upcycling (NU) is Upstate New York’s leading food waste/scraps/organics collection company. NU collects organic and food waste to turn into renewable resources such as electricity or natural gas, through anaerobic digestion. The Company offers multiple options for waste pick-ups and zero-waste de-packaging services for a wide range of clients. Natural Upcycling recycles over six million pounds of food waste, reducing carbon dioxide pollution by over 2,600 tonnes per month.

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